When will loadshedding end?

If you are part of the majority of South Africans post a lekker long December holiday, spending money to end your load-shedding woes, is the last thing on your mind right at the moment. Or at least you have tried to stay calm during January. The question about when will load-shedding end does however keep on creeping up on you. Whether you try to ignore it or not, it remains at the back of your mind.

Predictions that Loadshedding will end in 2024

An Investec article published in Daily Maverick on 17 August 2023 with the title ‘Loadshedding is not forever‘ elaborates on the permutations required for loadshedding to end, almost in the same manner that we don’t have to wear masks after Covid-19. Anything is possible. That is certainly true. Almost in the same fashion that Eskom was awarded ‘Power Company of the Year‘ at the Global Energy Awards in 2001. Just nine years later, Eskom spiraled into a deepening leadership crisis, churning through 13 CEOs in 10 years. And we all know the state Eskom is in right now. So yes, anything is possible.

100 Years of Power Production in South Africa

Life can be seriously depressing as it is and I do believe one should rather focus on all the positives in life than dwell on all the negatives. You could say the article in Daily Investor about Eskom’s remarkable history can be seen in a seriously positive light. South Africa did manage to put a highly sought-after power utility together even though the rest of the world regarded us as trash. Again this showcases that nothing is impossible. But unfortunately, the story does not end there.

Is Loadshedding an Excuse for Dark Humor?

The case Mahlangeni vs Ford Motor Company of South Africa makes for a very interesting read. Mr. Mahlangeni alleged that he made a joke that the factory would be closing due to loadshedding and as a result (with a bit of twists and turns in between) he got fired. South African are fed up with the loadshedding situation and it does not take a lot to lose our marbles.

And then there is the case of Ramaphosa who passionately backed Bafana Bafana against Morocco, even though most of his supporters could not watch the game due to loadshedding. Is this some kind of dark-humor joke? Let’s leave it to you for a verdict!

As South Africans, our natural coping mechanism to any adverse situation is humor. How many loadshedding jokes do you know?

When will loadshedding end?

We can debate ad infinitum till death do us part on when loadshedding will end. The reality is that the writing is on the wall, whether we want to admit it or not. We can wait for the SONA 2024 address before we decide on whether or not to use those life savings to save our sanity, or we can take the plunge and save ourselves right now.

The choice is always yours.

We are here for you

If you are keen to get yourself out of the loadshedding puddle, we would love to talk to you. We have been in the solar power industry yonks before loadshedding and we plan on staying in the solar power industry for as long as it takes to clean up our power supply resources. We are confident that no one will be able to give you better advice than us.

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