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If you need the best residential solar solution in Gauteng, NuEco Solar is the best option at hand.

Our directors are ready to provide you with the best residential solar solution advice in Gauteng.

We pride ourselves in offering the best-of-breed residential solar solution for your needs.

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The NuEco Solar Best of Breed Residential Solar Solution

WHAT we do


Uninterupted Power Supply

It’s no secret that Electricity Supply in South Africa is fragmented and highly unreliable. Not only is Eskom struggling to provide a consistent supply of electricity, but our infrastructure of metropolitan and municipal areas is crippled with no substantial light on the horizon.

NuEco can provide you with a backup system that is tailored to your specific needs and budget, within the scope of quality products that have reliable warranties.


Reduce Electricity Bills

Adding photovoltaic solar panels to your backup system will offer you the opportunity to save money from day one of your installation.

The number of panels that you choose to install will depend on a combination of your current electrical consumption, your budget, and the allotted space to install panels.


Continuous Performance Monitoring

You will have the ability to monitor your system and the incumbent electricity usage from anywhere in the world provided that you have an internet connection.

You will even have the option to change parameters on your system, no matter where you are.


Knowledge Transfer & Lifetime Support

.NuEco Solar understands that you are not necessarily an expert in the eld of energy and all related services and thus provide full knowledge transfer until you are comfortable with your system and receive the most possible value from it.

Our Lifetime Support Guarantee will ensure that you have a backup with possible warranty issues that you might have with your product supplier down the line.

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