Solar Installation Testimonial of Judd Barlow

My endeavors with Adriaan Rossouw from NuEco Solar reads like a classic adventure film. Our previous solar power provider couldn’t progress after a downpayment was made and that is when I got Adriaan’s name from a friend in Eagle Canyon Estate.

Adriaan was not the cheapest of the quotes that I have received, but I was impressed by his immense industry knowledge and speed of response.
He promised that the work would commence three days after the deposit was paid. That meant that work was supposed to commence on the Friday and to complicate matters, it was raining too. So, I did not expect much.

Adriaan’s team started installation of the inverter and battery as promised and my family could experience a load-shedding-free weekend for the first time! The following Monday, all 18 solar panels were installed, and the job was completed in record time, with absolutely no hassles at all.

I spend time away from my family for work and like to know that my family is secured with power while I’m away. Adriaan and his team operate substantially above the standard service levels. He is always on time, and I can recommend him to anyone.

Judd Barlow

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