Am I being overcharged for my Solar Power System?

Choosing between Trust and Price when selecting a Solar Power System Supplier

If you are in the process of choosing a Solar Power System Provider, you might feel as confused as a compass in a magnet factory. On the one hand, you want to go with the supplier that you trust, but on the other hand, you have friends, family & Google telling you that you can get it much cheaper. The big question is whether you are being overcharged by your potential solar power systems provider or whether every extra cent is worth more than the stars in the sky combined.

When Gut & Google Collide

This is what happened to Kobus, a property owner in the Bedfordview area, who decided to finally take the plunge to start looking for a quotation to install a solar power system at his home. “I am just so fed up coming home to a dark house almost every night now. I know it is time to invest in a solar power system, but do I go with my gut or listen to all the friends, family & Google giving me advice,” explains Kobus.

The reality is that you have a myriad of options to consider when choosing where to buy and who to trust. Let’s face it, no one has got unlimited funds to invest in solar and you want to ensure that you get the best value for money. “I had some idea of solar systems when I had to choose, but Adriaan explained everything to me in such simple terms that I could understand how everything works for the very first time,” elaborated Basil Proctor, a retired bank executive.

The general verdict from friends, family & Google is that you can save money if you buy the inverter, batteries, and solar panel yourself and get someone to install it for you. Or you could install it yourself and save even more money. But will you save money?

Reasonable people with unreasonable decisions

Tough economic times have a tendency to make reasonable people do unreasonable things. Whether it be canceling insurance just to be met with a car accident. You could take a chance with your under-serviced car on the highway or living in a highjacked building because everything else is unaffordable.

Thinking Fast and Slow

These things we do are not irrational. Psychologist turned Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman pointed out in his book Thinking Fast and Slow: “Everything is rational given your information and experiences. The problem is when we have not experienced something yet.”

Something like an unthinkable electricity crisis has resulted in ever-worsening load-shedding. We suddenly have to decide on something for the first time. Our natural or past experiences kick in and in the past, the lowest price was usually a good enough decision.

It’s not a Chocolate or Rugby Jersey

Except this is not a chocolate or a rugby jersey. It may be one of those “big” purchases in your life and thinking further than your wallet might counterintuitively save you money instead.

You wouldn’t buy a house through someone who had just gotten their real estate license. Likewise, you would never purchase a car without a service book or history. Yet we make the exception for solar because it is a new purchase and our default decision-making activates.

What could go wrong

We get tricked by R36 000 solar systems that turn out to be scams, dodgy installers who could sell asbestos toys to a child if it made a quicker buck, while you run the risk of fire, and open yourself up to personal safety concerns as solar theft tends to be inside jobs.

Even if you buy a decent system such as Sunsynk from your local supplier, there is a very real possibility that you purchase more than what you really need. You could have saved. When something does go wrong, who will you phone to get advice? Or if you have to change settings on your inverter to save money or to get through an abnormally long power outage, who will you be phoning? Who will you trust?

Trust is Earned

We are particularly proud of our director in the field, Adriaan Rossouw. There is an abundance of stories where our clients come back to be exceptionally grateful for everything that Adriaan has done for them. Basil Proctor is one.

“As a single mom who was desperate to get a solar power system, it became a very simple decision in the end. I work from home and had three students who were studying from home at the time thanks to COVID-19. My default is to go for the best price. I got quotes from all the big players in Alberton. Adriaan was the only one who came back to me. Adriaan was the only one who took the time to explain in layman’s terms how everything works. Adriaan has always been one call away if I needed help with a setting. It is now almost 2 years later and I am still ecstatically happy about choosing to go with Adriaan,” explains Christél Rosslee-Venter.

Take the Plunge

If you are still not 100% convinced whether you should go with the people that you trust completely as opposed to what seems to be an initial cheaper outlay, we suggest you contact Adriaan today. You will soon find out why his solar clients from the past 14 years and counting are in absolute awe about his service. Trust is definitely earned in this instance and we at NuEco Solar are super proud of him.

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