Is not having a Solar Power System the same as living without a TV?

Solar Power System installations might seem like an expense that you can live without. A gimmick that will pass over. After all, every cent matters. We’d like to invite you to take a step back in time to look at how we used to perceive unnecessary expenses back in the day and how today we can hardly imagine a life without it. Will solar power system installations become as extinct as growing Kubus Cultures in the 80s or become the TV that we can’t imagine a life without?

People always underestimate the future being different from what they envisioned, blind that the odds don’t apply to them. Like the amount of people getting married knowing that there is a 1/3 chance of not divorcing. Thinking it does not apply to them.

Nassim Taleb

The History of ‘Expensive Gimmicks’

In the 60’s we used to hear: “Mom why do the Van Tonders have a car and we don’t?”
“Don’t worry son, they are just wasting their money on an expensive gimmick. The bus works just fine.”

In the 70s the question was asked: “Dad why don’t we have a TV like the Cunninghams’ down the street?”
“Don’t worry son, they’re just wasting their money. We have radio and a TV is just an expensive gimmick.”

Not so long ago we got the request: “Mom why can’t we have WIFI like the Kruger’s?”
“You should not spend so much time on the internet son. You can get all the information you need in the library.”

And the current ongoing question in a lot of households: “Dad, why don’t we have solar like the Mashaba’s?” “Don’t worry! They’re just wasting their money. We have a generator and it works just fine. After all, load-shedding will be a thing of the past very soon.”

Interesting Stats on the Evolution of Technology

With only 10,000 homes having a TV set in 1975 in South Africa, the figure is around 14,000,000 today. One in 1,000 people had broadband in 2002. That figure is closer to 29 today and climbing while South Africa has become the most internet-addicted country on the planet!

In 2001 Eskom was voted the world’s best power utility in the world, with almost no residential solar installed. So far in 2023, South Africa imported R12 Billion worth of solar!

Is it worth it?

Is a solar power system installation an unnecessary expense? Are you going to hold out for a time when a solar power system becomes cheaper or more technologically advanced? These are all very valid questions to ask. You might however want to consider the opportunity cost of holding out.

Is it worth it? Only you will know the answer to what it will mean in your life if you can work uninterrupted. Only you will know how much it will mean to your family’s psyche to have power in your home when you arrive back home after a long day at work, school, or wherever your energy has gone.

The Nostalgia of History

Yes, you can have that nostalgic feeling of being the only person in the neighborhood that has a car, TV, internet, and now solar. It could all be amazing stories to tell your grandchildren.

History does not always repeat itself, but it does rhyme. You and your neighbors will soon be having a good time looking down the street at the Van der Merwe’s and their new electric car.

Time to get a Solar Power System Quotation?

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to start your solar journey by getting a quote for your solar power system installation. You cannot plan your future without action.

Contact NuEco Solar today for a no-obligation quote that will surprise you.

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