No Spark? Your mind in the dark.

SADAG Survey about the effects of load-shedding on your mental health

The current situation.

You come home after a day of work and the lights go out. Your heart sinks and slowly your mind starts to drift towards darkness. A cold house, food that needs to be collected at Steers, and kids sitting in the dark stressing about their tests while studying by battery-powered light.

This is not news, nor even conversation-worthy as the conversation has already been had around the braai for the last decade. Only recently has the braai flames become the only light on a Saturday night.

The unknown risks we face.

One day of load-shedding will not kill you, but what does compound daily load-shedding over 3 years do to your well-being? SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) released a survey in March 2023 survey which the outcome was that ‘we are starting to see one of the more overlooked health risks of load-shedding … mental health’.

  • 42% of the respondents reported feeling depressed,
  • 59% reported financial challenges, probably thanks to
  • 31% work-related challenges
  • 62% felt anxiety and panic in relation to load-shedding, while
  • 10% contemplated suicidal thoughts.

The work you are expected to complete still needs to be completed. Just in less time and in more strained conditions. Your kids still need to study just by candlelight while eating takeaways for dinner again. No wonder 31% of respondents reported strained family relationships. How can any family cope over the long term under these conditions?

We have spoken about the effect of load-shedding on your children in Growing Up in the Dark, but it might be time to consider your own state of mental health. Your job, your family, and your sanity are on the brink.

What would be the alternative?

Now imagine the feeling of deleting the EskomSePush app. Coming home on a cold July night and eating a hot homemade meal as a family, and then retiring to the couch to watch Netflix while your children diligently study (without candles).

Keep your job, keep your family, and keep your sanity. Being stubborn isn’t worth the cost.

‘’If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

Roald Dahl

Harness the sun and get the effects of load-shedding on your mental health out of your system. Give NuEco Solar a call today to find out how you can get out of your state of depression once and for all.

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